“Here you find literature of quality and new thinkers. A place to enter, stay and enjoy…”

Ricardo Valverde (Author of 2012 – O menino que previu o apocalipse, O Segredo do Monte Negev and Quem sou eu, afinal)


“It was really joyful to reunite such dearest friends to share the writing of a beautiful story! I loved it”

Carlos Lima Junior, 29 (Licenced and specialist in History, Society and Culture, master in Brazilian Identities and Cultures, doctor in Art History, São Paulo – Brazil)


“It was really exciting to write a story as a team, and keep on imagining what direction each person would give to it. I really loved the synergy of the group, resulting in a beautiful and cohese story!”

Mary Matos, 31 (bachelor in Radio & TV, Overland Park, Kansas – USA)


“I loved the experience in participating in the storytelling. I could get in touch with dear friends and participate on a cooperative and really fun activity!”

MIlena Carmona, 29 (bachelor in Fashion, technician in clothing, licenced in Pedagogy, post graduated in Psychology and Education, São Paulo – Brazil)


“This project allows us be free in guiding the story and to adapt it as new people join in, which guarantees a lot of surprises! I enjoyed taking part of it and I want to write even more!”

Juliana Escames, 22 (post-graduating student of Languages, São Paulo – Brazil)